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On-demand Intelligence

Performance awareness in the palm of your hand

On-Demand Intelligence

An everyday tool for collection system assessment

Utility field personnel can now carry with them an everyday tool for quickly determining the operating performance of their wastewater collection network. iTracking’s cloud-based technology provides O&M personnel with a quick and easy way to assess collection network conditions straight from their favorite mobile device. Simply interface with any iTracker in your system, connect to the Eastech Cloud, and view collection system behavior for the last day, week or month in the palm of your hand.

  • On-Demand Intelligence is the collection system assessment tool that the industry has been waiting for.
  • Historical graphs visually provide an automatic analysis of peak and volume increases due to I&I.
  • With Playback, collection system performance assessment becomes as simple as watching an animated video of changes in operating behavior between normal and adverse conditions.
  • Standardly equipped with cellular capability, iTracker sensors can be optionally converted to send alerts directly to any mobile device.
On-Demand Intelligence O&M personnel are now able to simply go out into the field with only their smartphones and with just the click of a few buttons become connected to the inner working of their community’s wastewater collection network.

Simple as 1 · 2 · 3

Go to any manhole having an iTracker.


Connect to the iTracker with your smart device.


View performance graphs and videos in the palm of your hand.

Connect, Click and Discover Connect, Click and Discover

Track It!

Connect, Click and Discover

Using only your smartphone, begin to discover what actually transpires within your collection system during changing weather and performance conditions. Historical graphs, representing prior days, weeks or months of operating behavior, along with an automatic analysis of peak and volume increases due to I&I ,will be visually displayed on your phone.

Simply “Connect” to any iTracker, “Click” over to the Eastech Cloud, and in minutes, “discover” the inner workings of your wastewater infrastructure network. Easily navigate from wastewater levels to changes in volume between dry and wet days.

Watch It!

Video Playback

See Events Unfold in the Palm of Your hand

With our Playback™ feature, underground intelligence becomes as simple as watching an animated video depicting changes in collection system performance between normal and adverse or weather-related conditions. On-Demand, users can historically follow wastewater volumes increasing or decreasing in relation to storm intensity.

Dynamic visuals provide a moving timeline of sewer performance at each monitored location. Updated every 5 minutes, O&M personnel are armed with the ability to visually determine what transpired within their collection network at any given moment.

See Events Unfold in the Palm of Your hand
Prevent it Before it Happens

Alert It!

Real-Time Alerts

Prevent it Before it Happens

The key to efficient operating and environmental compliance is to never allow the “adverse” event to happen in the first place. This means that situations affecting collection system performance need to be predictable with enough advance notice so that utility personnel will have sufficient forewarning to effectively mitigate any impending problems.

With the ability for iTracker sensors to simply convert from Wi-Fi connectivity to cellular, utility field personnel now have the ability to receive proactive text alerts hours before an adverse event will potentially take place. Once an alert is received, graphs along with animated videos depicting the situation in question are readily accessible on any PC or mobile device.

Prevent it Before it Happens