With Eastech, you'll receive reliable solutions for the efficient operation of your wastewater collection network.


    Our flagship product for pinpointing your inflow & infiltration.

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    One Great Technology, Four Great Solutions

    finally, advancements in digital technology have reached a point where it is now possible to create an intelligent wastewater grid capable of:

    • Micro I&I Detection
    • Overflow Prevention
    • Condition Assessment
    • Model Validation

    Manage your operations with Eastech Cloud

    The world's first intelligent wastewater grid wouldn't be complete without a cloud system to better serve you:

    • Collect, interpret, and visualize the data that is crucial to your asset's health - all on a single platform
    • Predict operational issues before they occur
    • Ensure performance integrity of your collection network
    • Learn from continuous analysis and visibility to understand the costs, risks, and benefits
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    Why Eastech

    30+ years in the wastewater industry

    Award-winning sensors and analytics

    We care about your wastewater problems

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