1st Response IQ

All the benefits of 1st Response, plus volumetric detection.

1st Response IQ

All the benefits of 1st Response, plus volumetric detection.

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Predictive Sewer Performance Monitor

The key to efficient operating and environmental compliance is to never allow the adverse event to happen in the first place.

With the 1st Response IQ, you receive technology that is powerful enough to warn utility personnel of impending problems and compare time-specific patterns in your collection network.


Historical Volume Measurement

Volumetric alerts are inherently more relatable to an impending problem than level alerts. A 100% increase in level can oftentimes mean a greater than 500% increase in volume.

Remote Data Retrieval

Cellular-enabled 1st Response IQ sensors allow for remote retrieval of data with any smart mobile device, so you can stay up to date no matter where you are.

Non-Confined Space Installation

Installation of every 1st Response IQ device is accomplished from the street level without the requirement for confined space entry; thereby eliminating major cost and safety concerns.

Zero Maintenance

A fully sealed case, specifically designed for applications within the wastewater environment, remains free from the everyday concerns of fouling and corrosion.


All the Benefits of First Response, Plus Volumetric Detection

Differential volume measurements are more reliable than level-only analysis and can predict an impending issue based on higher than normal volumes for a specific given time.

EXAMPLE: If wastewater volumes are increasing by 3X at 4:00 AM and that the current rate of increase is sustainable, one can predict that wastewater flows will likely reach the top of the pipe by 8:00 AM.

Identifying the Problem and Knowing Why

Take full control of your sewer system with 1st Response IQ & SewerWatch.

The combination of the 1st Response IQ sewer performance monitor and SewerWatch App provides O&M personnel with access to historical data informing them of exactly what had previously transpired within the collection system leading up to an early warning alert.